We are happy to tell you everything you want to know about our approach and our range of interventions.


TWELVE is the result of over 10 years of research and experience in understanding individual and organisational behaviour.


Our group of psychologists and sociologists  have created an evidence based model like nothing else you have seen before, perfectly engineered  to help your organisation to enhance its employees engagement and  develop a solid organisational culture.

Our aim is to offer integrated solutions for an issue that in today’s work force is experienced in epidemic proportions - occupational burnout. 

Our vision is to help building a society that will shift towards creating organizations and companies that promote human wellness and human flourishing.

Our mission is to assess, protect and promote psychological

well-being and safety at workplaces.

We are able to do this by translating our knowledge into the development and implementation of bespoke assessment, system-level interventions and evaluation programmes into organisations across all three sectors (private, governmental and non-governmental).



In general the issue of burnout and level of engagement is measured by standard employee engagement surveys where the typical questions asked — “Are you proud to work here?” — seem to dance around the edges. It would be better to go for the jugular: “How often do you go home exhausted? How often in the past year have you cried in the toilets? Is your team understaffed?” TWELVE is aiming at developing and implementing realistic and comprehensive assessment tools meant to measure the actual impact of the work environment on the level of employees’ engagement within the companies.

Most  employee engagement interventions are taking an individual approach whilst one of the most important arguments that research has is that we need to pay greater attention to the social and organisational environment in which individuals work. We need  to be more creative about solutions at those levels and this represent the core of TWELVE's approach to address the issue of burnout.

​Traditional employee engagement interventions can be reactive. Most research indicates the need for a pro-active and preventive strategy and also the need for training and consultancy at the managerial level of companies which is exactly what TWELVE aims to achieve.

The people behind TWELVE

Dragos Dragomir

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Dragos is the founder and the engine of TWELVE. He runs our day to day operations. He is a clinical and forensic psychologist with over 12 years experience in designing and delivering individual, group and organizational psychological and therapeutic services.

Dan Calota

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Dan is an experienced psychologist and psychotherapist. He is our Research & Development Lead focusing on developing our range of products. He is responsible with the extensive research work that goes behind our treatment interventions.

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