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Every important journey starts with identifying a destination - a goal. Our approach is to partner with your business to understand it, its challenges, aspirations and working environment, then to provide actionable insight and innovative solutions underpinned by strong governance and rigour. In order to do so we want to talk to you and to the key people in your company or organization and define your specific needs. We are doing so by employing a series of qualitative and quantitive measures carefully collected or designed by our research team.

Recognized as the leading measure of burnout, our screening and evaluation toolkit is validated by more than 50 years of extensive research. It is a multi-dimensional construct that combines our burnout inventory with an areas of work life survey.

Our burnout inventory assesses professional burnout across all job types in business, government or charity sectors. Our specialists will assess and validate the three-dimensional structure of burnout to help us understand the nature of burnout for developing effective interventions tailored for your organization.


Our Survey was created to assess employees’ perceptions of work setting qualities that play a role in whether they experience work engagement or burnout. It is a companion piece to the Burnout Inventory. The Survey is a short questionnaire with demonstrated reliability and validity across a variety of occupational settings. It produces a profile of scores that permit users to identify key areas of strength or weakness in their organizational settings. It applies to small workgroups or summary profiles across large organizations.

Our personality profile tool will help your employees to increase their self-knowledge, how they respond to conflict, what motivates them and what causes them stress. It will help improve working relationships by recognizing the communication needs of team members, facilitating better team work and teaching productive conflict. It will also help you manage more effectively by understanding the dispositions and priorities of employees and team members.

Our assessment can provide you with both individual reports focusing on interpreting an individual’s score as well as with group and organizational reports calculating and summarizing average scores across the organization or specific departments and providing an evaluation of specific patterns on a system level.


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