Our digital platform and game-based intervention are coming soon. We are currently working on developing a range of state of the art digital solutions  that can help us deliver more convenient and cost effective mhealth services  and resources for your organisation.Watch this space.

For information to contain value for a person it has to come in the form of an experience, and not any experience but a revealing experience. For the experience to became revealing, to be worthwhile, it is necessary that the person will put effort into it. People will only put effort into their actions only when is worthy. But don’t always know if an experience will be worthy of our effort or not. So the question: is it worthy for me? becomes crucial in all of our interactions: with ourselves, with our work, with other, with the society as a whole. Finding it difficult to answer this question, or worse having a negative answer to it will create a painful dislocation between who you are and what you have to do. And this is the essence of burnout.

Our platform aims to help you answer this exact question. We will create a virtual universe for you to learn about yourself, your team or your organisation. We will accompany you on a journey to self-discovery through which you will climb the steps from burnout to balance. From burnout to connection and engagement.

The platform will be the host for our innovative evidence-base gaming intervention. The game will be a tailored, immersive and experiential journey in understanding and overcoming burnout and work related anxiety. The intervention will have three dimensions for three different types of users: individual, team and organisation. Each type of user will have dedicated levels of assessments, interventions and training resources. The purpose of the game will be to facilitate the awareness process of individual, group and organisational resources focused on developing new strategies of personal and organisational growth. We don’t just want to gamify the process of overcoming burnout and existential anguish; we want to turn that process into something beautiful and insightful. It will fundamentally stimulate a values and mission symbiosis between the individuals and their organisations.

Alongside the assessment and game-based intervention  the platform will also acts a comprehensive resources source for employers, HR managers and employees that are interested in personal development, organisational culture development, leadership and project management, burnout and work related stress, building resilience or crisis and conflict management at the workplace.

The data collected by the platform will provide an invaluable insight for leaders and managers for measuring and improving employee engagement and organisational culture responsiveness.

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