Are you ready to embrak on a journey towards the centre of your soul?


Even the strongest warriors need to rest from time to time. The best of us can reach a moment of impasse. A moment to recharge and give power to our motivational engine. A moment to embrace recovery. Why recovery? Because it means going back to your best self. Rediscovering and using the potential that you have.  

Our Executive Recovery Programme is an empowering and life enhancing experience brought to you by a team with extensive experience in creating, delivering and maintaining well-being strategies for of top performing employees. We create a bespoke recovery programme for key and influential, high performing stakeholders who require private, customised and discreet solutions. We are offering an initial free and totally confidential consultation. From this we identify an individual plan meant to synchronize the 4 elements of your core-self: mind self, emotional self, health self and soul self.

We achieve the best results by following 3 simple steps:

Identifying your needs and creating a blue print for you particular struggles and goals.

Developing a bespoke individual treatment plan incorporating both core and complementary therapeutical methods available to enhance the well-being, physical and mental recovery to fitness and optimum performance.

Delivering a comprehensive state of the art intervention accompanied by the highest level of care and individualised attention and always working with just one client at a time.

If you choose to embark on this extraordinary journey towards the centre of your soul we will welcome you to our exquisite location in Cyprus, just on the main beach of the sunny Larnaca. You will find here a place where excellence, professionalism and privacy all come together to guarantee the top standards of care and comfort. You can rest assured that you will never be left alone with your problems, both on- and off-site, as provided by our team of esteemed specialists, and our unique continuing care programme for the time when your stay with us itself is finished.

Struggles you can address with us

Burnout and emotinal exhaustion

Depression and ahedonia

Anxiety and Stress disorders

Lack of drive and motivation

Existential crisis

Work addiction

Gambling , gaming and internet addiction

Phobias and OCD behaviour

Sex & pornography addiction

Trauma & PTDS

State of the art therapeutic interventions

Pre-assessment and comprehensive first day psychological assessment
A full intensive daily therapeutic programme
Person Centered Therapy
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
Dialectical Behavioural Therapy
Exposure and Relaplse Prevention Therapy
Mindfulness Work
Motivation Enhancing Therapy
Coaching & Personal Development

Complementary therapies


Biomolecular restoration
Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation
Somatic Experiencing
Shiatsu Massage
Art therapy
Drama therapy
Creative writing
Inspirational activities (sailing,swimming paragliding, horse riding, shooting, archery, climbing, carting, touristic tours)

Esquite services


24h available live in or live out therapist
Dedicated car & driver
Transport from and to the airport
Private luxury appartment
Dedicated car & driver
Personal chef & nutritionist
Fitness instructor & tailored fitness regime
100% discretion & privacy

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