Here are just a few

of the solutions you can find with us:

Assessment & Profiling

How much do you know about your employees’ engagement?

The TWELVE Experience

Are you willing to completely reshape the way your employees are engaging with their work?

Targeted Consulting

What skills and insight can propel your leaders and their teams forward?


What skills and insight can propel your leaders and their teams forward?


Curious to learn more about yourself, your team and how you can work together as never before?

Follow up

Do you want to safeguard your invenestement and engage in continued development?

Digital Solutions

Want to experience the power of a tailored, immersive and experiential journey in understanding and overcoming burnout  ?

Executive Burnout Programme

Are you ready for a transformative experience that can help you recharge and give power to your motivational engine?

Twelve is offering integrated solutions for an issue that in today’s work force is experienced in epidemic proportions - occupational burnout.  Ensuring that key people are fully supported in their roles and well-being when they hit hard times is the mark of a great company, culture and brand is one of the factors that separate the great from the good and can make all the difference in building long term success and sustainability as a company.

Our products are designed to support entreprenuers, small, medium and large size companies and organizations in their endeavour to promote psychological wellbeing at the workplace, looking to enhance their employees’ engagement and continuously develop their organizational culture.

We realise how important your people are to your business and how burnout and stress can severely damage your business (reputation-wise, strategically, operationally, legally, financially and environmentally). Significant damage can be done not only to the individual, to those around him/her (the wider team) but also to the organisation (both short and long term) through bad decision making that can affect the whole company’s future.

We also realise how talented, vital and important these individuals are to your on-going success, competitiveness, sustainability and leadership. Our solutions focus on creating as much continuity strategically and operationally (and as little downtime) as possible in each situation.

Stress, burnout

and crisis management prevention

Early problem identification, intervention and custom solution creation


individual and

group burnout treatment

Executive transition strategies to accelerate workplace re-entry, and increased productivity

Development of online and offline tools aimed at enhancing employee engagement

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