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Throughout my entire life, I have been fascinated by people’s ability to change. That’s why I chose to study in depth what leads people to change, what motivates them, what drives them or what stops them from achieving or maintaining change.


For the last 10 years, I have worked in a field in which change takes the most intriguing and challenging forms: the field of addiction recovery. Here I have learned alongside thousands of clients how to cut my way through the thicket that the human mind can be.

I was blessed to study and then work in something that I am really passionate about, to find causes that I would commit and dedicate myself too. And to make quite a good living out of it as well. I worked my way up to managing one of the largest mental health and addiction treatment centers in the UK and in the midst of all this, when everything was supposed to be great, I hit a brick wall. I started to become irritable, anxious, cynical, angry, depressed, doubting my efficiency, feeling physically and emotionally exhausted – in short, I burned out. Inevitability my first thought was “what the hell is wrong with me?” and tried to push through, without much success, but rather deepening into the hell of burnout.

Eventually, I went to do what I do best: research the hell out of it and find solutions. Evidence-based, comprehensive and holistic solutions. It was time now to help myself before helping others. In my research, I discovered so many others that shared similar stories, some of them still struggling; some of them who managed to overcome burnout and find their way towards a balanced and happy life.

This process laid the foundation for the development of a unique and highly effective method for treating and preventing burnout and for learning how to help, lead and manage others in order to prevent the appearance of this devastating syndrome. On my journey, I found a few people that were also passionate about creating solutions for burnout and together we were able to translate our experience and insight into strategic and practical interventions that help great leaders walk the road from burnout to balance and achieve lasting change for themselves and their teams. This took the form of TWELVE Burnout Consulting.

Today, TWELVE uses a flexible and client-centered approach to consulting, based on the specific needs of the individuals or organizations that we are working with. Whether you are looking to overcome or prevent burnout, improve performance and employee engagement, enhance leadership skills or resilience levels, or to provide support to employees dealing with change, career transition or work-related stress, we can work with you to provide the most effective solution for your team’s current goals.

Our targeted consulting service is aimed at individuals working in businesses, governmental or non-governmental organizations including managers and leaders, chairmen, chairwomen, CEOs, directors and those aspiring to such roles.

Our expertise is broad and we can help to address a wide range of issues that might have an impact on your work and professional life. Due to our wide range of experience and professional training, we are as skilled at helping those at the top of their game as those needing support for work-related stress and burnout. This is because our consulting and psychotherapeutic skills are underpinned by a sound psychological understanding. Our many years of working in the field of psychology and psychotherapy enable us to optimize the quality of service we offer you.

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